Our Salon
Froi Rosas, our master groomer, had been with Shampooch for five years, and purchased the business with his new partner, Carlos Trujillo, in September 2014. Froi has been grooming dogs for at least 20 years, and has been in the Marin area for most of that time. His experience with all dog breeds is extensive, and he is able to groom any dog, large or small, commonplace or exotic. He has learned to train puppies new to the grooming experience to adjust to the tools used, and takes extra time with them. He also works extensively with older dogs, and makes sure they are comfortable while on the table. All dogs love him. His customers have come to expect a gentle approach to the dogs [and owners] and appreciate the time he takes for each individual cut. Froi loves “his” dogs, and his job, so you get that vibe when you get a cut that is “gorgeous.” The dogs (young and old) feel comfortable with Froi and, consequently stay quiet and cooperative.


Carlos Trujillo has worked for 16 years in dog salons throughout Marin, and takes great pride in being able to handle any dog, large or small, with the “gentle giant” approach. His experience is primarily with cleaning ears, anal glands and all manner of nail and foot care, as well as being in charge of the baths. Shampooch only washes one dog at a time, and we have many types of baths available, from deskunking to everyday eco friendly shampoos. We have “double brushes” available for the dogs with the heavy undercoats. Our baths include, cleaning the ears, the anal glands, cutting and drimeling the nails, and trimming the hair between the pads (the little extra touches).